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The Kempinski Palm #MyDubaiTrip

As you all know a couple of months ago I won, on Instagram, a trip to go to Dubai and have some fun with Peeta Planet crew. It's the second time I had the pleasure to go to that beautiful city and every time I go there is something new to shoot.

This time I want to show you hotel where I stayed: Kempinski Palm, 5 stars hotel, 193 suites, 2 restaurants, a luxury spa and a nice swimming pool.

This is the website:

On Instagram @kempinskipalm

I want to thank the hotel staff and specially @webbytechy and @chikysiera

Here some pics I took:

Kempinski Palm_-17.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-12.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-13.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-14.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-8.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-11.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-9.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-10.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-5.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-6.jpg
Kempinski Palm_.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-3.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-4.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-2.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-7.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-18.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-16.jpg
Kempinski Palm_-15.jpg

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