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How to make puddle pics

You may have noticed that I do a lot of puddle reflections photos. When you walk on the streets you can find here and there some water on floor or puddles, some people think they are nasty and dirty but I think they are a great tool in order to make new perspectives.

The other day I was walking with Lesia @mrs.thebest on this beautiful street in Paris near Gare de Lyon and we decided to take some photos.

I am sure you have seen that street (Rue Cremieux) before and I think almost anybody could take a couple of photos like the ones. In my opinion they look boring...

I need something new, something different, something like this!!!

Baaaaaaaaaang! Did you like it?

OK, so let's do it by parts....

1st find a puddle like this one, yes this one is perfect! You don't need a huge puddle, you need to know the technique... (I used this puddle to take the photos I'm displaying here)

Now place your camera or phone camera as close as possible to the water, like this:

Now this is the most difficult part: MAKE A NICE AND COOL COMPOSITION. Use the rule of 3drs or any other rule and take the photo.

And practice, practice, practice one million times!

Remember, the more you practice the more professional and expert you become!

Now make the most craziest reflections with puddles on the street. Remember to tag your puddle shots #puddlegram (one of the biggest #s) on Instagram.

There are many reposting groups dedicated only to the reflections. Find them, use their hashtag and get features!!! This will increase your number of followers.

I want to thank to my beautiful model @mrs.thebest for helping me doing this photos. Remember to follow her on Instagram and Twitter @mrs.thebest.

Please leave me a comment here and on Instagram, let me know if you liked this article or not and what other kind of things you want me to write about. Also I would appreciate if you follow me on Twitter @saaggo

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