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Sometimes this effect is very nice and attractive. You can't deny that it gives a PUNCH to the photos!

So, what's a starburst?

A starburst from a light source is the result of light diffraction.

Diffraction is the slight bending of (light) waves around small obstacles and the spreading out of (light) waves past small openings. As light passes into your camera through a small opening, i.e. a small aperture at a low focal length, it bends around the edges of the blades and creates the “star” look.

The number of rays from each starburst is related to the number of aperture blades in your lens. The more blades your lens has, the more “starburst” is possible. So if you want to switch up the look, experiment with different lenses as well as different apertures.

Also, remember that the focal length also affects the size of the opening. (source

So now you know: Find a light source, make a good compo, close the aperture and take the shot!!!

Now you have your starburst photo. I am sure you'll get MORE likes and comments than what you usually get!

Here you have some of my photos. Let me know what you think, comment, like and share!

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