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Playa del Carmen

Hello guys how are you? This time we had the pleasure to visit the paradise, Playa del Carmen Mexico, thanks to Karisma Hotels.

We stayed at the wonderful AZUL FIVES HOTEL.

Here you have their website: if you want to spend great time in the riviera Maya make sure to book a room with them.

To start I want to show you our nice suite:

Living room, sale a manger and kitchen

King size bed :)

A wonderful view from the terrace

Nice room and view hu? Well, this is just the beginning...

If you pay attention you can find some animals in the trees or mangrove (inoffensive of course)

Spider monkey


Wild pork


Now lets see the swimming pool with view to the sea

Here you can order any kid of drink and they'll make it for you, pina colada, michelada, mojito etc etc etc.

Then we just need to walk down the swimming pool and we have beautiful clean sand and the sea...

I recommend you to have breakfast or lunch at the restaurant

By the way, I never saw sunrises like in Mexico

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