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Canon city guide for Paris

I've been working for the past months with the team of Canon France creating a City guide for Paris. In this city guide you'll find some secret spots where you can get inspiration and make wonderful photos. At the same time they have released some new great cameras. Last month we had meeting and photo walk with journalists and PR people in 2 of these secret spots....

You can take a look at the city guide here:

The meeting was a l'Hotel Particulier (where Brad Pitt stays when he comes to Paris) at the Montmartre area.

Renaud Boure from Canon France presenting me and my work :)

Cameras and Lenses buffet hehehehe!

I picked the new Canon EOS M3 and the EOS 760D, the EF 11-24mm F/4 and 24-105mm F/4 lenses. #comeandsee

The Canon EOS M3 is light, small, portable and sharp. Next week I'll have it to play around and I'll show you what this baby can do!

Montmarte is our 1st place for the photowalk

Puddle reflectiosn

Looking up


The 11-24mm is great even with a croped sensor camera! So wide and without distortion

You may have been here many times but you haven't seen this building like this... #comeandsee

Then we took some tuc-tucs and we headed towards La Pagoda de Paris

Video man!

Voila La Pagoda!!! #comeandsee


Always looking for leading lines... #comeandsee

Caought in action hehehe! #comeandsee

Love this architecture!

I had a lot of fun working with Canon and I hope is not the last time but the 1st of many more! #comeandsee

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