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November 20, 2014

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What camera do I use???

March 28, 2017


If you wanna know what camera I used to take that puddle reflection please read this article :)



Very often the people ask me what camera and lenses I use. I know is very important to use great gear in order to make great photos/videos but today I know that gear doesn't make a great photo and I'm going to explain you why.


When I started in photography some years ago I had a little Canon camera that I bought for €300 (Canon PowerShot SX210 IS). It was small and light, nothing spectacular but good for trips or photos in the city. Here some examples of pics I took with it:



After a couple of years I decided to buy something more "professional" because even if I was not a professional photographer I wanted to make very good photos and feel proud of them. So I bought a Canon 550D. I think it costed me around €750. I was very happy with that camera and I used it a lot but after a year I found myself still unhappy with my photos... I couldn't make the GREAT shot, they were simple photos that anybody could take. I was frustrated!!! Some examples here:



I blamed the camera to be responsible of this lack of creativeness, greatness and colourfulness of my photos... so I made a big mistake and I bought another camera, bigger and "professional" with a better lens and of course much more expensive. I bought a Canon 5D Mark II with the 24-105mm F4L and the 50mm 1.8 lenses for almost €3000.


Back then I was doing photography as a hobby... and it was becoming a very expensive one (I was not making a penny out of it). Of course my goal was to become a great photographer one day and sell my photos.


With that camera I was feeling like a pro hahahaha! After some months I realized that the photos were still boring. Sometimes I could make a good photo but not always, and again I felt frustrated and I almost quit photography, until one day...


...I was watching some stuff on YouTube and I had the idea to look for videos related to photography and how to make good photos. I found many many videos but I didn't understand them very well because they were too advanced for me so I decided to look for photography for beginners.


I found a guy, Mark Wallace. His channel was very simple and easy to understand. After watching the first videos I realized why my photos were so boring: I have ALWAYS shot in Automatic mode!!! I let the camera "think" for me and take the photos for me, the only thing that I was doing was to click the shutter bottom. I felt very stupid for blaming the camera for those boring photos and happy at the same time because finally I was going to take the nice photos I've always wanted.


I learnt about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure and Composition. Then I learnt how to use my camera. The manual was too big and boring so I looked for some video tutorials.


Finally my dream of making good photos was becoming real. After A LOT of practice and education I finally made good photos, started to sell them and got some recognition of my work.